2017 Sermons

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Date Title Presenter
2017-12-23 "Words are Cheap" David Schmidt Play
2017-12-16 "Saved-by-Faith Worrywarts" David Schmidt Play
2017-12-02 "The Can't Be Done Club" Duane McKey Play
2017-11-25 "Chosen Garment" Steven Mosley Play
2017-11-18 "Daniel and Our Day: Habit, Gratitude and Trust" David Schmidt Play
2017-11-11 "Daniel and Our Day: God and the Steadfastly Stubborn" David Schmidt Play
2017-11-04 "Let's Celebrate" Mike Jones Play
2017-10-21 "Daniel and Our Day: Beware of Three Dangers" Dave Schmidt Play
2017-10-14 "Daniel & Our Day: Flames, Faith, & Fidelity" Dave Schmidt Play
2017-10-07 "An Unusual Menu" Dave Schmidt Play
2017-09-30 "Here We Are Lord!" Ray Cootz Play
2017-09-23 "Daniel and Our Day: Is God Picky?" Dave Schmidt Play
2017-09-16 "Daniel and our Day: Is God Fair?" Dave Schmidt Play
2017-09-09 "Mere Obedience" David Schmidt Play
2017-09-02 "It Takes Time" David Schmidt Play
2017-08-26 "The Greatest Verse" Henry Zollbrecht Play
2017-08-19 "Is There a Good Enough Reason?" Dave Schmidt Play
2017-08-12 "Within the Shadow of a Doubt" Dave Schmidt Play
2017-07-15 "Blind Eyes and Otherwise" David Schmidt Play
2017-07-08 "Feet of Clay - But Longing for Better" David Schmidt Play
2017-06-10 "More Than Forgiven" Scott LeMert Play
2017-06-03 "By Common Consent" Scott LeMert Play
2017-05-20 "Walking on Water" Orrin Lundy Play
2017-05-27 "Why Don't People Do What's Good for Them?" Brent Sumaraga Play
2017-05-06 "How Big is Your God?" Kamille Ross Play
2017-04-22 "The Faithful Doubter" Gene Heinrich Play
2017-04-01 "Practice What You Preach" Gene Heinrich Play
2017-03-25 "The Poverty Paradox" Gene Heinrich Play
2017-03-11 "Christ and Him Crucified" Paul Cole Play
2017-03-04 "Stone Throwers Anonymous" Gene Heinrich Play
2017-02-25 "Eden Rescue Mission" Gene Heinrich Play
2017-02-18 "Kidnapped!" Gene Heinrich Play
2017-02-11 "Tracing Your Roots to Paradise" Gene Heinrich Play
2017-01-28 "Make Me Clean" Paul Cole & Tim Zollbrecht Play
2017-01-21 "Back to the Basics" Gene Heinrich Play