2018 Sermons

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Date Title Presenter
2018-06-23 "Welcome" Ted Struntz Play
2018-06-16 "Buried Alive" Ted Struntz Play
2018-06-09 "What Do We Have to Fear?" Ted Struntz Play
2018-06-02 "Soon" Ted Struntz Play
2018-05-26 "Living Truth" Ted Struntz Play
2018-05-19 "Roots" Ted Struntz Play
2018-05-05 "My Maker and My King" Ted Struntz Play
2018-04-28 "Faithfulness" Ted Struntz Play
2018-04-21 "He Rescues and Saves Dave Schmidt Play
2018-04-14 "Restricting or Freeing" David Schmidt Play
2018-04-07 "Reflections" music Home school choir Play
2018-03-31 "Reflections on Resurrection" Dave Schmidt Play
2018-03-24 "Learning from Obstacles" David Schmidt Play
2018-03-17 "A New Baby Needs a Family" Henry Zollbrecht Play
2018-03-10 "The Light of the World" Paul Johnson Play
2018-03-03 "The Friendly Beast of Revelation" Henry Zollbrecht Play
2018-02-24 "What Do You Want?" Ray Ammon Play
2018-01-27 "The REST of the Story" Don Kellogg Play
2018-01-20 "Habitual Talks with God" David Schmidt Play