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  • 2019 Sermons

    Date Title Presenter
    2019-05-18 "Hope" Dave Schmidt Play
    2019-04-20 untitled Ted Struntz Play
    2019-04-13 untitled Ted Struntz Play
  • 2018 Sermons

    Date Title Presenter
    2018-12-29 "The Black Door" Don Kellogg Play
    2018-12-08 untitled Play
    2018-12-01 untitled Play
  • 2017 Sermons

    Date Title Presenter
    2017-12-23 "Words are Cheap" David Schmidt Play
    2017-12-16 "Saved-by-Faith W... David Schmidt Play
    2017-12-02 "The Can't Be Don... Duane McKey Play
  • 2016 Sermons

    Date Title Presenter
    2016-12-31 "Twas the Week Af... Gene Heinrich Play
    2016-12-03 "Receiving the Pe... Gene Heinrich Play
    2016-11-26 "Blessed? Cursed?... Pastor Gene Heinr... Play
  • 2015 Sermons

    Weekly Bible teachings at Rockwood Seventh-day Adventist Church

    Date Title Presenter
    2015-12-26 "Christmas Courag... Gene Heinrich Play
    2015-01-19 "Christmas Courag... Gene Heinrich Play
    2015-12-05 "Christmas Courag... Gene Heinrich Play
  • 2014 Sermons

    Date Title Presenter
    2014-12-26 "The Gift that Ke... Gene Heinrich Play
    2014-12-19 "Survivor Bethlehem" Gene Heinrich Play
    2014-12-05 "Becoming a Diffe... Gene Heinrich Play
  • The God Scandal Mini Series

    Pastor Gene takes a fresh look at the book of Job and uncovers the biggest scandal in earth's history - The God Scandal. What side are you on?

    Date Title Presenter
    2013-06-21 Part 2: No Tippin... Pastor Gene Heinrich Play
    2013-06-07 Part 1: The Perfe... Pastor Gene Heinrich Play
  • 2013 - A Red Letter Year

    God promises to bless us if we listen and obey His voice. Every day we do just that is a Red Letter Day. Every week as we gather for worship at Rockwood Adventist we are taking time to stop and consider one of the times God spoke directly to humanity from Genesis to Revelation. Join us as week by week as we make this a Red Letter Year.

    Date Title Presenter
    2013-10-18 3D Love Pastor Gene Heinrich Play
    2013-10-04 Angry? Pastor Gene Heinrich Play
    2013-09-20 Sin-Victim-Sin: C... Pastor Gene Heinrich Play
  • We All Have Hope

    Can we find hope amidst life's most challenging problems? Join Pastor Roger Hernandez as he leads us through an exciting journey from EPIC FAIL to EPIC WIN!

    Date Title Presenter
    2012-10-16 We All Have Hope Roger Hernandez Play
    2012-10-15 unChurched Roger Hernandez Play
    2012-10-14 unHealthy? Roger Hernandez Play
  • God's City:My City

    When it comes to our relationship with the cities and people of our world how can be be more like Jesus and less like Jonah?

    Date Title Presenter
    2012-09-07 Part 3: Engage th... Play
    2012-08-31 Part 2: Pray for ... Pastor Gene Heinrich Play
    2012-08-24 Part 1 Love the City Pastor Gene Heinrich Play
  • Daniel: Messages for the Exil...

    A study through the Old Testament book of Daniel in search of relevance for today.

    Date Title Presenter
    2012-06-08 Are We There Yet? Pastor Gene Heinrich Play
    2012-06-01 Until When? Pastor Gene Heinrich Play
    2012-04-27 Living in The Lio... Pastor Gene Heinrich Play
  • Special Occasions and Guest S...

    Date Title Presenter
    2013-04-26 Stories of Jesus Bill Bond Play
    2013-03-01 Surviving and Thr... Pastor Tim Roosen... Play
    2013-02-22 Forgiven and Renewed Tim Roosenberg Play
  • The Rest of HIStory

    A study through the book of Acts.

    Date Title Presenter
    2011-12-11 What Are You Hung... Pastor Gene Heinrich Play
    2011-11-25 The_Doxalogia.mp3 Pastor Gene Heinrich Play
    2011-11-18 The Whatchamacallits Pastor Gene Heinrich Play
  • There's Nothing Like Jesus

    What can Christians do to change the current perception that Christianity is an unChristian Faith? What can we do so overcome the perception that Christianity is a hopeless faith? What can we do to show the world that THERE IS Nothing Like Jesus?

    Date Title Presenter
    2010-11-12 Part 4: Radical Love Pastor Gene Heinirch Play
    2010-11-05 Part 3: Radical Hope Pastor Gene Heinrich Play
    2010-10-22 Part 2: Radical F... Pastor Gene Heinrich Play
  • Nothing Like Jesus

    Increasingly those outside of Christianity, and even many within, perceive the church to be unChristian. What has caused these perceptions and what can be done to change them. These questions and many more are considered in this series.

    Date Title Presenter
    2010-10-08 Part 5: New Perce... Pastor Gene Heinrich Play
    2010-10-01 Part 4: Christian... Pastor Gene Heinrich Play
    2010-09-24 Part 3: Kingdom C... Pastor Gene Heinrich Play
  • Living with Hope

    A sixteen part series searching the Scriptures for hope and teaching those who find the hope how to share it.

    Date Title Presenter
    2010-08-27 Bonus Message: Th... Pastor Gene Heinrich Play
    2010-08-13 Part 14: Mission ... Pastor Gene Heinrich Play
    2010-07-30 Part 13: Hope Mor... Pastor Gene Heinrich Play
  • March Madness - The Road to t...

    A six part preaching series examining the frenzy leading up to Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection.

    Date Title Presenter
    2010-04-02 The Big Dance Pastor Gene Heinrich Play
    2010-03-26 Part 5: Sudden De... Pastor Gene Heinrich Play
    2010-03-19 Part 4: The Locke... Pastor Gene Heinrich Play
  • Sermon Audio: More Like Jesus...

    Date Title Presenter
    2010-01-29 Spiritual Jihad.mp3 Pastor Gene Heinrich Play
    2010-01-22 Don't Be Ignorant Gene HEinrich Play
    2009-12-18 The Christmas Gif... Gene Heinrich Play
  • 2009 Sabbath Sermons

    Date Title Presenter
    2009-08-21 Trinity Wireless ... Gene Heinrich Play
    2009-08-08 Discipleship Hing... Gene Heinrich Play
    2009-07-31 The Road Less Tra... Gene Heinrich Play
  • Clarence Schilt 2009

    Date Title Presenter
    2009-02-13 What a Find Clarence Schilt Play
    2009-01-30 What a Beginning Clarence Schilt Play
    2009-01-09 What a Kid Clarence Schilt Play
  • Sermons 2008

    Date Title Presenter
    2008-12-19 The First of Two Clarence Schilt Play
    2008-11-21 When Less is More Clarence Schilt Play
    2008-11-14 The Best Waste of... Clarence Schilt Play
  • Sermons 2007

    Date Title Presenter
    2007-12-21 Downward Mobility Clarence Schilt Play
    2007-12-28 Would Passion Des... Clarence Schilt Play
    2007-11-30 The Worst Kind of... Clarence Schilt Play
  • Sermons 2006

    Date Title Presenter
    2006-12-22 The Impossible Bi... Clarence Schilt Play
    2006-12-29 Communion Sabbath Clarence Schilt Play
    2006-12-01 What a Prayer! Clarence Schilt Play
  • Default - Uncategorized

    Date Title Presenter
    2008-02-08 Decisions! Decisi... Clarence Schilt Play
    2008-01-11 Choosing the Unknown Clarence Schilt Play
    2008-01-04 Come and Leave Clarence Schilt Play