Our Mission
Growing Disciples – Preparing People to Meet Jesus.

Our Vision
(Our process for growing disciples and preparing people to meet Jesus.)


At Rockwood Seventh-day Adventist Church discipleship is a never-ending journey. The journey begins as we engage in communion with God through Bible study, meditation and prayer. These encounters lead to worship, which is an integral part of our daily lives and our corporate Sabbath celebrations.

At Rockwood Seventh-day Adventist Church we have discovered the truth of Jesus must permeate all aspects of our lives in order to fully experience its transforming power. The support, encouragement and community needed to live a life centered on the truth of Jesus is available through our small groups.


At Rockwood Seventh-day Adventist Church we share the life we’ve received from Jesus through daily encounters, small groups experiences and by teaming up with others in service. Together we meet people where they are and lead them closer to Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life.



Our Core Values
(The deeply held beliefs that that govern how we do ministry in the pursuit of our mission.)

  1.  UNCONDITIONAL LOVE – Jesus shows everyone unconditional love. As His fully devoted followers we demonstrate this love in all our decision-making processes by making people and their salvation our priority.

  2. BIBLICAL TRUTH – Love demands that biblical truth take priority over tradition. We persistently examine our ministries to ensure they are founded on biblical truth and are conducted in effective and relevant ways.

  3. COMMUNITY – The Bible defines Church as a community of believers – caring, sharing, nurturing and growing together as a family. We strive to create environments that offer individuals, couples and families access to biblical community.