New Classes and a Complimentary Dinner Every Wednesday!

Welcome! Join the Wednesday night experience at our Rockwood Church. It is a great place to bring your friends and to get better acquainted with others in your church family. You will feel a sense of belonging--a connection that you will love as part of the family of God. Click here to view PDF flyer.

You will enjoy Warm Fellowship, Great Food, and more . . .

5:30 - 6:00 PM - Children's Choir
6:00 - 7:00 pm - Dinner
7:00 - 8:00 pm - Classes & Activities

Our Location - Rockwood Adventist Church, 1910 SE 182nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97233 [Map] - Phone (503) 661-4100 

5:30 - 6:00 pm  Children's Choir - Don't you love to hear the children sing! This is an experience that they will always remember as they practice and perform under the leadership of a professional Children's Choir Director--Jaymie Berlin. Bring them early and stay for dinner. Get your kids engaged in the life of the church!

6:00 - 7:00 pm  Food & Fellowship - This time of good food and great fellowship is led by the Albers and Cynthia Jame's Team. With the helping hands of their team, they make it possible for every Rockwood member and visitor to come to the church each Wednesday evening right from work, school or home without having to worry about preparing an evening meal. It provides a weekly opportunity for you to get to know others in the church whom you have wanted to meet. As you share in God's bounty together you can also share the way God is working in your life. Don't miss it! Jesus often found opportunity to be with his friends around the table.

After Dinner Class Options - 7:00-8:15 pm

1. Being Human: The Nature of Spiritual Experience - We have all had the experience of making some blunder and then saying, "Well, I'm only human!" Being human has become an excuse for our poor behavior. But wait--God had something else in mind when He created humans in His image! In this class, Tony Finch will lead you on a biblical journey, discovering the Bible's teaching about true spirituality and what "being truly human" means. Grow spiritually with your classmates--and experience God.

2. Financial Peace University - Learning to Live Debt-Free - Beat debt, build wealth, and give like never before! This class is led by Keith & Julie Lincoln, using Dave Ramsey's biblically based, common sense program that gives hope to everyone from the financially distressed. This can change your life. Fee: $90
3. Understanding Creation in an Evolutionist World - Come join us in our exploration through the wonders of nature and creation to gain a glimpse of our Creator. Join in our study of history and archeology as we discover the reliability of the record given in the Bible. Discover why evolution as a thought system totally fails to explain what exists, and how the story of Creation is echoed in nature but goes unseen by the world. Larry Berlin will help you dig through the dust of earth's history and traverse the vastness of the starry heavens to trace out evidences of God's love and care.
4. Health Principles for the Body and Soul - Homerya Gutierrez will lead you through Eight Natural Laws of Health. Could it be that the common health concerns of so many people could actually be addressed if we just understood and practiced the natural laws of health which our Creator has given us? Come along for an adventure in becoming a healthier YOU.
5. Revelation Speaks Peace: A Bible Marking Plan - How would you like to be able to explain the prophecies of the last days--and have your Bible marked to lead you from one text to the next in a logical sequence? Gary Graham has spent years developing just such an approach to personal Bible study. He'll take you through easy-to-learn and easy-to-use Bible studies. When you finish, you will feel much more confident about sharing God's truths with others.

6. Visiting the Discouraged and Making Friends - You remember hearing the story of the shepherd and his sheep.--how he went out to find the one missing sheep that had not come into the fold. Jesus' parable teaches us how very important every person is to God. Will you be one of God's shepherds at Rockwood? If you have been given the gift of "caring" and "friendship," then this class activity might be just your calling. Join Don Gray, Bob Hessong, Terrance Baltazar & others.

7. Biblical Hebrew 101--Shalom - Coming info
8. Prayer Power Group Experience - Jeanie Andrews is praying that other people who want to experience the power of prayer will join her for the Wednesday night Prayer Group. This group under girds everything else that is happening in our church and our varied lives. What higher calling can there be than to be a prayer warrior for God's church? This is a special opportunity for service--don't miss it! 
9. Children and Youth Activities - Coming info
Rockwood Seventh-day Adventist Church   1910 SE 182nd Ave.   Gresham, Oregon  97233   Phone: (503) 661-4100