Stop Worrying and Find Security!

  • Do you struggle to find security in today's uncertain world?  There seems to be so much that sits outside of our control.
  • Is there really someone who has the "whole world in his hands?"  God seems to idly set by allow so much pain and suffering.

In Pastor Gene's new teaching series you'll learn to study the Bible for yourself and share what you find with others.  You'll discover the root cause of fear and the source of eternal security. You'll discover foundational principles for living a life of peace and security amidst the turmoil and uncertainty of our world.

Before attending seminary and entering ministry Pastor Gene spent seven years working as an executive in the financial sector.  During this time he encountered hundreds of people who were on the verge of losing everything to bankruptcy.  Seeing people's dreams crumble into hopelessness caused him to search for something more fulfilling than his country club membership.  Something beyond all the knowledge his economics degree could offer.  Pastor Gene says, "I found all I was looking for and much more. And because of what I found I now live a life filled with hope - a hope I want to share with others."

Make plans now to join your friends at Rockwood Adventist any and every Saturday morning you can between April 10 and August 14, 2010 for this exciting Bible study experience.  Our worship service begins at 10:55 A.M.

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